Arno Philips

Arno Philips is one of the most talented Belgian wakeboarders. Although still quite young, he already scored some great results at national and even international level. Arno participated in “competition wakeboarder boat’ in Belgium. He won a Silver medal for his second place in the 2016 Belgian National Championship Boat Category Juniors (15 to 18 years old). In his final run he did a run with 2 inverts (tantrum and scarecrow), 2 rotations (360 and 180) and some other special grabs which were well-acclaimed.
In 2017 he finished 4th and made a lot of progress in his tricks as well in execution, intensity and composition. His goal is to become Belgian Champion with the Juniors and participate also in other competitions in and outside Belgium, such as Flanders Open (Benelux) and the European championships.
Given Arno is based in the north of Europe, he needs reliable protection against the cold. Therefore he prefers the 5/4 Bold model with thermal fleece on the chest and back for extreme warmth and comfort. It allows him to train throughout the whole year, and enjoy some great sessions even in the winter days.