Dan Jeffery

Originally from the area of North Devon, Dan is a true representative of the UK surf. Living close to the shore, he used any chance of paddling out in the water no matter how harsh the conditions were. And he has been doing this ever since he felt his passion for surfing at a very young age. Local reef breaks off the beaten track still remain some of his favoruite spots that he shares with his mates or often enjoys alone.

An ISA Level 2 surf coach and participant in a number of national and international surfing contests, Dan is highly committed to his love for the ocean and to always pushing himself to train harder and improve his skills. He uses every chance to travel to discover new places to practice, already conquering some of the top spots around France, Spain and the Canaries, Thailand and Indonesia.

He is really fond of our 54 Bold full steamer which keeps him warm and comfortable even in the coldest waters along the southwest coast. And yet his personalized Brody jacket came in handy during his latest trip to Bali.