Noa Iturripea

Noa Iturripea was born in San Sebastian(Basque Country). She started surfing when 14 and started competing a year later. At the age of 17 she joined the WSL world competing in the Pro Juniors.

When she turned 18 she decided to travel around the world by herself for 7 months, roaming along Australia and Indonesia. This helped her improve her surfing and gave her an additional boost to grow and do better. Upon coming back, Noa did the ASP Pro Juniors, making some quarter final results. She ended up at 13º in the European rankings.

Couple of years ago she moved to Tenerife (Canary Islands) in order to keep up with her studies and surfing. She is training very hard, focusing on the Canarian, Basque and National tours but also looking at the International heats. In winter she is searching for big swells and trying to expand her limits. She is also working as a surfcoach, enjoying to pass her knowledge and skills to other people who love surfing.  

We are delighted to have Noa in our team of riders. Her dedication for the sport she loves, strong motivation and positive attitude make for a great fit with our culture and values. She is testing many of our products and offers invaluable feedback which helps us constantly improve. Her favourite model for the colder days is the Paralel while she is very fond of our Bellanova shorty for the warmer water.